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Some Thoughts From Mike.

May 4, 2012

Sorry its been a while everyone, Dave,Dwight and myself have all been in China over the past 2 weeks so life has been pretty busy however we have all still been training as some of us have an adventure race on the 20th May. Ill post photos of the adventure race once we have competed in the 25km Run,Kayak and Mountain Bike challenge.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing some thinking regarding the Everest trip, I have been asked like many on the guys some pretty deep questions so I thought I would put my personal thoughts on paper and post them for you all to read, they are quite personal but as I have been reminded this whole trip has been quite personal and as you have shared in the trip from the start I thought it was only fair that i share this with you also…….

Hi All, over the past few weeks I have been asked many times about my trip and have loved recounting my adventures, one of the main questions asked is “Do you think the trip has changed you” I have tried to answer this question but every time I start it doesn’t seem to come out right so I thought I would try put it down on paper for you……so here goes…..

You got me seriously thinking about my response to your question “do you think the trip changed you” I have been fumbling with the answer to this since I got back but I can see when you asked this question that you wanted more than me just saying……… yeh it changed me but I’m not sure how. I love the fact that you ask me that question because it has changed me and my mind-set and to be honest I do know how it’s changed me I just haven’t put it down on paper yet and voiced it to many people, I could see when asked this question the emotion and interest shown by you in my response so because of this I have inspired to put my thoughts down on paper and if its ok with you I would like to share my experience with you.

The short answer to the question is yes the trip certainly has changed me but it wasn’t the trip alone, the changes for me started when I put on paper the idea to do the trip, the goal I had been of course to do the trek to Everest, this was a personal goal that I set for myself just like many other people do in their lives…..for me what made it different is that I invited others to join me on my goal which made my quest known to others, I then compounded this by starting the blog which at the beginning was only to show everyone our photos but as you know grew into so much more, this made what I was doing very public and it put me in a position where I put myself out there so if I was to fail everyone would know it , not something I wanted to ever let happen.

When I said the changes started before the trip I wasn’t really aware of it at that stage but looking back I can see that I had already changed my mind-set and understand now how hard I was pushing not only myself but the others on the team, the drive and determination to not fail and complete our goal was evident in the way we were training and I see that now, because of that hard training we were able not only to complete the trek but to really enjoy it because our fitness level exceeded what was required for the trek.

I learned from that period of training that I do enjoy hard physical exercise and that I love the results that it gives you…..not so much in body but what it does to your mind, the confidence and self belief and motivation it provides cannot be under estimated or understated and I have learned to believe that when things aren’t going 100% in your day a run or workout can give you balance and give you time to think and sort out your head.

On the trip itself the energy that this experience bought to my life was incredible, what I mean by energy is not so much the energy it gave me but the energy it created around me, I couldn’t go a day without talking to someone about what we were doing and the reaction was amazing not only people wishing us well but people taking the time to express to me what the trip and blog has meant to them, I was so surprised to hear so many people tell me how the trip and our training had inspired them to do things that they had wanted to do, for some it was just to start training themselves for others it was just to get up from in front of the TV to get out of their comfort zone or get back to playing their favorite sport but the comment that excites me the most is “it inspired me to chase my own goals”. To hear this was incredibly motivating, to know that what we were doing was inspiring others in so many ways…..I found this very humbling and at first wasn’t sure how to handle it. After a while I decided to try to embrace it, I’m still trying to work out how to do this but meanwhile I just try to support and be open to anyone who wants to talk openly about their experiences or mine. The one thing that I found out about myself or should I say confirmed about myself is that I discovered that my ambitions didn’t out way my abilities, I hear so often from people statements like “I can’t do that because I’m not fit enough” or “that’s too hard for me” I myself would say similar things when asked by mates to join them on outings however I now realize it’s only a matter of setting goals to conquer that particular event and that’s a huge thing to learn as it opens so much more to you and allows you to open your mind to a whole world of adventure.

What did I learn from my time in Nepal and on Everest itself? Well to start with I think it’s safe to say that the main thing was self belief, there were many times early in the trek where we were faced with large amounts of up hill work and strenuous hours of hard slog, before you hit those areas you couldn’t help but question your ability to finish the day, but day after day of doing this and conquering the daily challenges you started to trust your fitness and ability.

There were a few times on the trek where I was surprised at my reaction to certain situations, for example on day 6 of the trek we walked off the beaten track and headed to a base camp at Ama Dablam another 7000 mtr peak in the Khumbu Valley this required us to climb from the valley floor across the river and a climb to the base camp at 4500 mtrs, we were completely by ourselves for the entire 3 days during this part of the trek, on the first of those 3 days when we done the major climb we started off slow and steady like every other day so far, on this day we were feeling great and walking strong, I was out front and was feeling in control, I had my headphones on listening to some great music when I turned around and found myself alone, I had gone ahead up the mountain and hadn’t noticed the guys stop for a rest. We were in sight of each other so I felt no need to stop so I kept on moving slowly but strongly up the mountain towards base camp, what happen next was unexpected but in hind sight a memorable experience, for some reason I was completely overcome with emotion, the music was perfect the day was glorious I was completely alone and I was standing in front of one the most impressive sights I had ever seen but all that wasn’t the reason for the emotion, It was the fact that I was doing something that for a while I thought I would never get the chance to do, I had been telling myself for years that I would do this trek someday but I had let myself down, I had been overweight and had got so consumed with work and the day-to-day family pressure’s that I had forgotten to look after myself, not just my health but my well-being. I had a dream to do this for some time but hadn’t followed it through and I had been very down on myself for allowing that to happen. But now I was back on track and on this day at this moment in think I realized this and that’s where the emotion came from, I’m glad I was 20 minutes ahead of the guys because it gave me time to take it all in and keep a mental photo of what was happening to me and around me, it was by far a very raw and emotional memory that I’m very glad I had.

The next standout event happened while I was walking to Everest Base Camp itself, I have written the account of that day already on my blog so I won’t go over it again however what I didn’t write on the blog was my reaction to reaching our final goal. It was in some ways similar to my experience at Ama Dablam but for different reasons. We were about 400 mtrs from the EBC marker and the guys very kindly let me go ahead by myself and gave me a few minutes head start on them, I’m sure they could sense that this was very personal to me and needed a few minutes just to take it all in, it was great that they gave me a bit of time to take it in alone. As I was approaching the camp I just lost it, I found the last 20 mtrs incredibly emotional but this time for other reasons, this time in reflection it was due to the relief of completing my goal, the pressure of getting everyone there in one piece and enormous pride in what I had achieved. At the time I of course didn’t process all that I just assumed I was just happy to complete my goal of getting there, I had a million times over the past year visualized this moment so I wanted it to be memorable and special. Now that I have had time to think and process the day I see completely why I was so emotional and can now explain my emotion in a clearer way.

I was at that time so pumped and full of energy that all the hard work and exhaustion was completely forgotten but as I was soon to find out the relief of making it due to the pressure that we put on ourselves was going to take its toll, the adrenalin that was keeping us going in the 100 knot wind and the -30 degree conditions just left me, the emotion came because of the pressure I had put on myself to not only get myself there but the whole team to the end goal.  We of course all celebrated and embraced when reaching Base Camp and we spent a good 30 mins taking photos and soaking it in but the trip back to our base camp ended up being one of the hardest physical days of my life but again in hind sight I loved that this day was so hard and pushed me to my physical and mental limits, this day will be forever etched in my memory and will be a day that I can look back on with pride, I know there will be times I will use that experience to help overcome obstacles that may arise in my life and I will always look upon that day as one of the most positive experiences that I have ever been a part of.

In conclusion, yes! This trip has changed me…..not in a “spiritual” way or in the old cliché of “I found myself” but simply I rediscovered the real Me, the Me that I knew was always there but now could physically keep up with my goals the Me that loves life and adventure, the Me that sets goals and finds the way to reach them, the Me who motivates others and who takes joy in helping others to reach their goals.

I have learned to like and trust myself again, this experience has inspired me to continue being motivated to help myself my family and others and I will endeavor help others to achieve their goals and dreams. I’m currently working on my new goals and lm looking forward to the many years of completing and sharing them with the help from my family and friends.

I hope my thoughts on this have answered your question and gives you a clearer idea of what I have been trying to say for the past few week, thanks for allowing me to share part of my life with you over the past few months I have loved every minute of the journey and your company.

Cheers Mike

But Wait There’s More!

April 10, 2012

I have more!!…..are you bored yet?


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More Photo’s Just Arrived!

April 9, 2012

Here’s a few more photo’s everyone with more to come shortly……cheers Mike

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New Short Goal Training Challenge For The Rockstars!

April 8, 2012

Check This out!  The rockstars have been invited to join the World Famous” Warthogs” to compete in the upcoming “Tough Mudder” Challenge early next year in Brisbane, if you haven’t heard of this adventure race (only the toughest adventure race in the world) check out the video as it will give you a quick run down on the event then have a look at some of the YouTube promo videos for a more detailed look, if you think your up for it let us know and ill give you the registration information for you to start-up your own team and join us at the event…..cheers Mike

Drinks With The Rockstars!

April 8, 2012

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Last Thursday night the Rockstars hit Rockstar Head Quarters with Family and Friends for welcome back drinks and a whole heap of fun. We had a fantastic night and it was great to catch up and talk to everyone about our adventures and finally get to meet some of the unseen friends who have been following the blog. Thanks again to everyone who came along and hope to see you all again soon……Cheers Mike

The First of the Tattoos on Show!

April 8, 2012

Just incase you haven’t seen it yet here’s a look at the tattoo that Giz put on his arm in Singapore, the rest of us chickened out while in Singapore but the rumour is that 4 more are on their way and another 2 are pending. Nice effort and dedication Giz……Cheers Mike

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Check This Out!

April 6, 2012

We keep being asked how high did we go? we say our high peaked at 5785 mtrs but its hard to paint the picture of how high that really is so a couple of guys at Dwight’s work kindly put this Google Earth picture together for us to show the actual vertical hight over familiar territory…..check this out you really start to understand the hight once you see this,this is what Surfers would look like from the top of Kala Patar…..cheers Mike

Top of Kala Patar

April 2, 2012

Again from Dwight… a short tour of our Tea House area at Gorek Shep and a glimpse of Everest, then finishing of with scenes from the top of Kala Patar.

….cheers Mike

Everest Rockstars at EBC

April 2, 2012

This video was again taken by Dwight and is a short mix of the videos he took up at EBC. You will notice that it stops and starts a bit but this again is due to the -30 conditions but I’m sure you’ll still get the idea.

…cheers Mike

Mike at Ama Dablam camp

April 2, 2012

Here is an interesting video. Dwight took this as we were getting up after our first night at 4500 mtrs. As you will see the nights were not all warm sleeping bags and sweet dreams.

The First Video’s Are Ready!

April 2, 2012

I know we promised lots of videos but its been a bit tricky, so sorry for the delay. I’ll start putting them up over the next week. We have quite a few to show you and unlike the photos we posted where we are all smiling and looking like it was all laughs and giggles there were times where the trek was gruelling and tested our nerves and patience. You may see a different side to the trek from some of the videos that we post but always remember we had a ball, and the tough parts were all part of the adventure because if it was easy everyone would do it.You will also notice that some videos may just stop without a goodbye or end and most of the time it was simply because the cold would stop the cameras… again our apologies for this but I’m sure you will still get the feel.

…cheers Mike

New Photo’s From “The Turtle!”

April 1, 2012

Turtle got some great shots including some of the few shots of us at Everest Base Camp, again this was because our cameras didn’t handle the cold very well but turtle managed to keep his going long enough to get a few crackers.

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The Rockstars Are On The Track Again!

April 1, 2012

Early this morning some of the Rockstars hit the track again in support of the “Happy Feet” who are competing in this years Kokoda Challenge. Nat (Dave’s wife) & Tania (John’s wife) along with some of their friends will be training hard for the challenge and the Rockstars will be delighted to support the girls with training and as support crew for the event. For the 25km event this morning we managed to beat last years time (last year 4hrs 31mins) and this year Dave came 1st @3hrs 59mis Giz 2nd @ 4hrs 1 min and Mike 3rd @ 4hrs 2 mins.Great fun and nice to be on the track again…..cheers Mike

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New Photos From Giz!

April 1, 2012

Hi Guys!, first I want to  apologise for not having the videos up on the blog as yet, we seem to be having technical difficulties with the upload but hope to have it under control shortly…..until then here’s a few more photo’s for you and more coming from Dave shortly……cheers Mike

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Drinks with the Everest Rockstars!

March 30, 2012

Hi to all the awesome blog followers out there from the Rockstars.

Next Thursday the 5th April at 7pm (which is the day before Good Friday so no work the next day) the Rockstars and their beautiful wife’s will be having a few celebration drinks at what we call “Rockstar Head Quarters”, For any of the local blog followers that would like to join us please feel very welcome to come on down and share in some of the many stories (some may even be true!) as I’m sure the guys have them well polished by now, and I’m sure Giz will be there showing off his brand new EBC tattoo that he got in Singapore on the way home. I would love to finally meet our serial blogger Jan, so Jan I hope you can make it so we can continue the friendship that has started on-line. There’s a lot of friends we would like to catch up with and thank personally……

Rockstar HQ is @ the Stingray bar in the QT Resort in Surfers Paradise (just Google QT Surfers if you don know where it is)

Love to see a few of you there……Cheers Mike

New Photo’s from Dwight!

March 28, 2012

Here’s a few new photo’s guys sent in from Dwight with some great head shots just as we were at the finish of the Everest Base Camp day……Cheers Mike

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Pics From Everest Base Camp……

March 28, 2012

These photo’s are the first of the photo’s from Everest Base Camp itself and from the Khumbu Ice Fall which is the technical start of the climb to the summit of Everest, you will notice I only have a few shots and this is because when we took our cameras out at EBC the -30 tempts cracked our camera screens but hopefully over the next few days ill get all the photo’s from all the guys and add more to the collection……but here’s the first of them…..cheers Mike

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A Few More For The Collection!

March 27, 2012

Here’s a few more photo’s …..tell me when you’ve had enough.

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The Everest Rockstars… after Everest!

March 27, 2012

The Everest Rockstars… after Everest!

Hi Everyone!

As you all know we have all been back a few days now and have tried to post new photos for you all to look at, we have many videos to go through and may take a week or so before some of these make it to the blog however we took this one while in Singapore on our return journey. We wanted to thank everyone for their awesome comments and well wishes and even though we tried to thank everyone in the video I’m sure we haven’t shown how grateful we all are for the wonderful support we all received. Just so you all know we constantly talked about the messages we were receiving and the many hours on the track were made that much easier knowing we had massive support back home. Whether you commented once or  were  serial bloggers like Dave’s good friend Jan or Giz’s Mum & Dad who between them sent dozens of very positive messages we would like to take the time to thank you all and hope to catch up with you soon so we can thank you personally. The blog is far from over and for those of you still interested keep checking in because over the next couple of weeks we promise to post as much as we can and hopefully fuel your own desires to travel or start your very own adventure.

Cheers and all the best from the “Rockstars”

New photo’s Just Arrived!

March 26, 2012

Sounded like you are enjoying the photos so here are a few more to look at…..i hope to have video ready for you all soon.

Cheers Mike

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