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January 10, 2013

Ok… This is a different post from normal….

 Team EBC has evolved into new and different adventures… Big ones are planned, but for now we are enjoying training and friendships and doing ADVENTURE RACES… Let us know if you are keen to join or simply want more info…


This is a thought provoking post from the late Alan Watts….  It asks a very interesting question… are you ready for it?


We assume you have done your goals for 2013 and reflected on your 2012 memories. If not – here is a fun link to get you started!   or go straight to the PDF here


Now is a great time to sit back – think about where you were in January 2012 and ask yourself if you are happy with where you are now in January 2013… If not, what are you going to DO to ensure your 2014 January YOU is different from now? IF NOTHING CHANGES…. NOTHING CHANGES….

 We look forward to an exciting year and keeping in touch with you all…


Kind Regards,
Team EBC


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