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Message from Dwight.

March 6, 2012

Hi Lisa. My turn for the blog. Email is down here so hope this works as a text. Can’t send any photos. Will try tonight.

Day 3 acclimatisation day by Goose aka Dwight.

Wow woke up to ice on the inside of the windows of our tea house rooms! Absolutely freezing! Went outside and nearly fell over with the view! The mountains have shown themselves. Unbelievable! They are just towering above us in the crystal clear morning light. Words can not describe and camera lens can’t capture the awe. We walked 10mins up a small hill to 360deg views of crystal clear mountains in the sun rise. Awesome! Saw tiny peak of Everest poking above closer peaks. After 500 photos it’s back for breakfast of cereal waffles and boiled eggs. Then off to Everest View Hotel about 1.5hrs of a quite steep climb to 4000m ( Namche is 3450 and our tea house is 3600m). Every corner another view was revealed. Tight narrow tracks at times and -1degrees. Reached The Everest View Hotel to views of the valley. We are going to walk tomorrow and Everest – Wow! She even gave us a show of snow being blown off the peak. Not as much snow as we thought but awe inspiring with great views of the valley we came through yesterday. It is so far below us, hard to believe we have trekked this high already. All this only after 3 days! What the hell is the next 14days going to bring!

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  1. Jim & Eileen O'Hara permalink
    March 6, 2012 9:03 am

    Sounds as if the sights are worth all the effort. I really admire all of you. Good luck. Look forward to reading further posts. By the way I am Anthony’s old aunt in wet Queensland. God bless. Jim & Eileen

  2. gizzmo permalink
    March 6, 2012 9:57 am

    hi every body its genivieve how are you going I am missing you daddy (gary) and I am missing every body as well daddy are you having fun and I herd that your getting a head ache every day .What do you have for breakfast and dinner? tomorrow witch is wedensday afternoon I am going to audition for the early years choir I am a little nervos but realy excited bye bye I hope I hear from you soon love gg or genivieve or gen x x

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