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What’s this all about?

November 23, 2011

This is the letter I wrote to start it all off, it took me a few days to write it as I wanted to make sure that my plan was presented in such a way that my friends would take it seriously, I’m happy to say it was well received and I ended up with a great bunch of guys to trek with and share my dream with. I’m sure when they started training they thought that they were joining me on my adventure but it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that it was now our adventure and we were all doing it for our own reasons.

The letter turned out to be a great motivational tool for me because as soon as I hit that “send” button and sent it out it all became real and there was no turning back. As soon as anyone said yes I was committed not only to the trip but a very hard year of training, remember when I sent this out I had only just started my diet and training and was still a long way off being fit enough for such a large challenge but the letter helped cement my focus and with the guys jumping on board I became very motivated and single-minded on one thing… getting to Everest Base Camp @ around 18.000 feet and supporting my fellow team mates the “Everest Rockstars”.

View the letter here… 

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